Speaker Series – An Intro to Kingian Nonviolence

In our second of seven conversations focused on coalition building and common understanding, we are excited to bring you a brief look at Kingian Nonviolence from the perspective of two practitioners and trainers in the Fox Valley area. This approach to organizing, movement building and social transformation is novel, but draws from many differing sources and has an established track record of success. Sign up here to reserve your spot!

An Introduction to Kingian Nonviolence
With roots that trace back through the Independence Movement in India and the Black-led Civil Rights movement in the U.S., this methodology and philosophy of organizing has proven effective in nonviolent campaigns for over a century. Join us to connect with the current movement and to learn how to use these principles for justice work right here in Kane County.   
Participants will learn about the difference between violence, non-violence, and nonviolence, and will be better prepared to wage conflict effectively from an interpersonal to a global level.

About the Presenters:

Katie Shaw Thompson

Katie Shaw Thompson is a level one Kingian Nonviolence practitioner and trainer. She is an Elgin-based pastor, mom, writer, knitter, garden-grower, tea-drinker, bike-commuter, and social justice advocate.

Sandra Davila

Sandra Davila is a Kingian Nonviolence practitioner and trainer. She is an abolitionist educator, community organizer, plant and bicycle lover that enjoys little fires, singing, dancing and languages.

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