Who’s Ready for the 2022 Speaker Series

2022 Speaker Series Flyer

For the subsequent months of 2022 we are elated to bring to Fox Valley residents and surrounding community members, a number of local leaders who are working on the big problems of today. They are organizers, trainers, practitioners, leaders, speakers and thought-partners involved with social issues that are much bigger than any one person. From immigration to nonviolence, from youth mental health to housing and homelessness, we are going to discuss their work and invite you in to this process of coalition building in real time.

One of the questions we often hear when telling people about our work is, “How can I get involved?” This speaker series seeks to provide a tangible answer to that question. Sign up now to attend the talks on Kingian Nonviolence, Immigration Rapid Response Training, Organizing in the Past, Present and Future, Cultural Competency and Mental Health, Civics 101 and Voter Rights Awareness.

We seek to be an organization focused on building affordable housing solutions, youth advocacy and mental health. Part of that process of intentional struggle is understanding the myriad ways to organize for change. Another part of doing this work is being cognizant of the interconnectedness of this work with other issues in our community. While we would love to do this work in person, we understand the tools of video conferencing have made mobility and accessibility much less complicated for many. These talks will happen online, via Zoom, and be recorded so you can go back and take notes and review things that really resonated with you.

This is your invitation to come and learn and grow with us. What are you waiting for?

Sign up!