Safe, Affordable Housing Options

Safe, Affordable Housing Options

We believe many of the challenges faced by people in poverty can be resolved or severely mitigated by providing stability through the opportunity to live in a place of their own. While we acknowledge that the choices for housing are as varied as the people who dwell in them, we also know that service organizations operate best when they follow the research and put housing first.

When organizing for better equity, opportunity, and overall wellness within the community, we must take a look at prevention, rather than just solutions.

Affordable housing is a preventative measure. Affordable housing is just the first step.

When individuals and families have access to housing that is accessible, they have stability to enroll in schools, find better employment, fix their credit, locate better transportation and slowly work their way out of poverty.

Affordable housing is humane.

Did you know, in Illinois, individuals working at the current minimum wage of $12.00/hr must work 64 hours a week to afford a modest 1 bedroom rental home at Fair Market Rent?


Our Work

Housing is a human right and our members are working together with us to advance affordable, safe, and if needed, holistic supportive housing solutions that promote self-determination.

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